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Samuel Beckett, Martin Held,
The Last Tape
(The new light above my table is a great improvement.)
(Hommage à Samuel Beckett)


Digital print on canvas

B x H: 31,5 inches x 47,24 inches / 39,37 inches x 59,06 iches / 47,24 inches x 70,87 inches

The Last Tape


Directed book the Berlin production

Translation: Elmar Tophoven

Production: Samuel Beckett

Stage: Matias

Krapp: Martin Held

Photos: Volker Canaris

Premiere: 5.10.1969 in the workshop of the Schiller Theater, Berlin

edition suhrkamp 389

First edition 1970

© Suhrkamp Verlag Frankfurt am Main 1970

© Photo: Volker Canaris

Samuel Beckett, Krapp, Das letzte Band, der Namenlose,

Samuel Beckett, 1977

© Photo: Roger Pic



(strong voice, rather pompous, clearly Krapp's at a much earlier time.) Thirty-nine today, sound as a--(Settling himself more comfortable he knocks one of the boxes off the table, curses, switches off, sweeps boxes and ledger violently to the ground, winds tape back to the beginning, switches on, resumes posture.) Thirty-nine today, sound as a bell, apart from my old weakness, and intellectually I have niw every reason to suspect at the . . . (hesitates) . . . crest of the wave--or thereabouts. Celebrated the awful occasion, as in recent years, quietly at the winehouse. Not a soul. Sat before the fire with closed eyes, separation the grain from the husks. jotted down a few notes, on the back on an envelope. Good to be back in my den in my old rags. Have just eaten I regret to say three bananas and only with difficulty restrained a fourth. Fatal things for a man with my condition. (Vehemently.) Cut 'em out! (pause.) The new light above my table is a great improvement. With all this darkness around me I feel less alone. (Pause.) In a way. (Pause.) I love to get up and move about in it, then back here to . . . (hesitates) . . . me. (pause.) Krapp.

Quelle: Samuel Beckett: Das letzte Band. Regiebuch der Berliner Inszenierung, 1970, S.48