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Ein Zeichen sind wir... 22.12.2020, 600dpi.jpg
We are a sign... (I)
Digital print on canvas

B x H: 56cm x 100cm

HEUREKA, 27.11.2021, 400dpi, 57x100.jpg
Digital print on canvas

B x H: 67cm x 120cm

Friedrich Hölderlin, Mnemosyne,

Friedrich Hölderlin, 1792

Pastell von Franz Karl Hiemer

Mnemosyne (2nd version)


We are a sign, meaningless
We are painless and have almost
Forgotten speech in exile.
But if there is strife in heaven over mankind
And the moon travels in force, so the sea
Will speak and the rivers must
Find their way. Undoubtedly, though,
There is one, who
Can bring forth change daily. He scarcely needs
The law. And it sounds the leaves and rings the oak trees
By the glaciers. As not everything is possible for
The heavenly ones. That is, mortals almost
Reach into the abyss. Thus it turns, the echo,
With them. Time is
Long, but the truth
Will come to pass.



Friedrich Hölderlin: Sämtliche Werke. 6 Bände, Band 2, Stuttgart 1953, S. 203

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