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the thoughtful light
The thoughtful Light

digital print on canvas

B x H: 56cm x 100cm

Friedrich Hölderlin, Mnemosyne,

Friedrich Hölderlin, 1792, Pastel by Franz Karl Hiemer



Light, thoughtful light, where are you, who always must Go aside at times, where are you? My heart

Is awake but the astounding night

Thwarts me in anger still. I used to go


For herbs into the woods, I was soft and shy,

I listened by the hill and never in vain,

Never once did your birds deceive me

And almost all too eagerly you came


Wanting the refreshment of my garden or

A foal or my counsel for your heart, oh light

Where are you? My heart has woken but

Still I am shut in by the heartless night.




Friedrich Hölderlin: Complete Works. Kleine Stuttgarter Ausgabe, 6 Bände, Band 2, published by Friedrich Beissner, Stuttgart: Cotta, 1953, S.59

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